At the beginning of the second quarter, the equity market continues to perform due to two factors: the pause in Fed rates and the improvement in tariff negotiations between China and the United States.

Global growth reached a significant level of 3.5% and the price of oil rise sharply as Brent increased by around 40% this year. There are two things to consider, a pause in the equity market can be expected and it will be important to monitor the dollar in the coming months. The video is viewed by retail clients and distributors all over the world, and presented by Eric Mijot from Amundi’s Strategy & Research.



Amundi is Europe’s largest asset manager by assets under management and ranks in the top 10* globally. It manages more than 1.460 trillion** euros of assets across six main investment hubs***. Amundi offers its clients in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle-East and the Americas a wealth of market expertise and a full range of capabilities across the active, passive and real assets investment universes. Headquartered in Paris, and listed since November 2015, Amundi is the 1st asset manager in Europe by market capitalization****.

Leveraging the benefits of its increased scope and size, Amundi has the ability to offer new and enhanced services and tools to its clients. Thanks to its unique research capabilities and the skills of more than 4 500 team members and market experts based in 37 countries, Amundi provides retail, institutional and corporate clients with innovative investment strategies and solutions tailored to their needs, targeted outcomes and risk profiles.

Amundi. Confidence must be earned.

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